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The help will be in kind rather than in cash, however; The snake is freer with himself than he is with his money. The majority of western astrologers base their work on the tropical zodiac that uses a view of the heavens as seen years ago. Translations of these chinese zodiac signs. I was in an acupuncturist's office this morning, by chance. This is in part because he has the sun just a few degrees away from uranus and pluto a combo that makes him not want to play by the rules or do as he's told.

Opal is the birthstone for october and the libra zodiac sign. Healthy, balanced thought creates the healthy side of type one: fair, accurate, objective, idealistic, ethical, and full of helpful information and new ideas. Through most of , home and family will be your number one area of happiness and a big priority. This aspect is a rather challenging. The gems of this house are the opal, coral, and lapis lazuli. It is essential to read a Pisces zodiac horoscope chart several times in order to absorb all its different meanings and to grasp all this complexity.

How to help yourself grow : Have a self care days, take time to watch cartoons from your childhood or to do things that you used to enjoy, create positive affirmations for yourself, know in your heart that your family does not define you. You fear letting yourself roam. You fear letting yourself go. You are stuck within the pattern of fearing that you can never be enough and that you will never be enough, that everyone else can glow but you cannot glow too. Maybe you have talents but choose to not show them. Maybe you do not know what your own talents are. And ask yourself, truly, deeply, down to your heart, did you ever give them enough room to grow?

To move? To glow? Talents cannot thrive without you giving them space. Talents will not manifest unless you learn to give yourself encouragement. Creativity will lie in an eternal sleep until you allow yourself to dream. Saturn has taken away your talents and expects for you to discover them on your own, for you to allow them to thrive and grow. Expression through the arts is, dare I say, what life is all about, and Saturn will not let you attain them easily. To get them you will truly, verily, whatever you want to say, have to reach.

Reach in a heart. Reach in a mind. Reach in forgotten emotions and forgotten thoughts. In time you will radiate from within. Falling behind. You do not want to be left in the dust that you have set for yourself so you work and you work until there is nothing left. Saturn has taken away the ability to know when it is time to rest. When it is safe.

A life of labor not broken up by personal relaxation will surely take a toll on your body, from your head to your torso to your thighs, every illness and ailment that you fear at night. Detiorating your mind will deteriorate your body until you waste away into someone that is not you and someone that will never be you. Release the long kept tension from your shoulders.

Unclench your tightened jaw. Release your hands from any unnatural form that they are in. Release any remaining negative inner thoughts. You do not always have to be unmistakeably present and alert. Sometimes the best rest of all is allowing yourself to exist. Allow yourself into a personal world that is free of labor and one that is kind. How to help yourself grow : Take a day off from any and all work, break out of routine and be spontaneous, if you have forgotten to take any medication make sure you take it now, listen to any aches and pains in your body, eat something nourishing and healthy, go somewhere calm and free of stress like somewhere in nature.

Being incomplete. Never being whole. You have lost yourself years and years ago and you cannot bear to let your old self go so you find who you were in soft eyes. Supple skin. Someone that will lay with you at night. Unknowingly the lover that you seek out is you, unknowingly you seek a lover from yourself. There is a tender, cautious, way to your love. You want who you love to be someone who can make you whole. Someone that will tell you where the rest of you has gone. Someone that will make you feel less alone.

Saturn has taken away the ability to find yourself within yourself, there is an unmistakeable theme in your life of finding yourself in others. Making yourself in others. Becoming yourself in others. Your anchor. Love will not be forever until you learn that only you can inhabit your own bones, that the best representation of yourself is yourself and no one else.

You owe an apology to yourself. Take as long as you need. How to help yourself grow : Put yourself above everyone else, find love that holds you not love that defines you, when you are stressed try aromatherapy, do not let anyone convince you that you need them. You believe that as long as you do not reveal yourself to be vulnerable they will never hurt you, that as long as you never let them hurt you that you will never be vulnerable.

Everything bubbling beneath the surface of a cool and distant exterior will eventually begin to rot if you do not allow it to breathe. Saturn has taken away your trust in others and you must learn what trust is. Everything that you have dreamt has hurt you is just that, a dream, the world is not as cruel and as ruthless as you may have made it out to be. Some people are kind. Some people are soft. Do not allow your fear of being uncovered isolate you. The world is so much more than what it seems. How to help yourself grow : Find someone that you trust deeply and let it all out, write poetry to describe your feelings, learn to trust yourself and others, do not fear what may lurk in the dark.

That you have reached too high for the stars and have instead been burned by the sun, that what you have always known about the earth will always be the only thing that you know. Overall you fear getting everything wrong. How it feels to truly not know. Saturn has taken away your freedom and you must reclaim it, in the wind that is swept over grass, in the limitless movement of clouds across the sky, in the way that songbirds unabashadely sing. Who has decides what is wrong and what is right?

Who decides that something is not worthy in believing in? Who decides all of these things that are set in time? Your body wants freedom. Your mind wants freedom. Your heart is a caged bird. Learn that when you lose one belief that you can make another. That personal doubt in a certain philosophy is not the end of the world.

You are meant to question. Meant to learn. Meant to re-evaluate and to rethink. And above all other concepts and ideas, you are meant to expand. How to help yourself grow : Learn about new philosophies and ideas, read tons of literature, keep an open mind, be free in nature, take a long trip somewhere new and fresh, escape from the four walls that we call a home.

Falling behind in your work. Not getting proper recognition for what you know you deserve. Critical reviews of your character, being seen as detriment to the work force, never being enough for anyone or anything, these are the things that you fear most. Saturn has taken away your ability to be proud of yourself so you seek it in others. Constantly proving yourself, constantly setting goals two steps ahead of yourself, throwing yourself at task after task until you believe that you have proved that you are enough and for you nothing will ever be enough.

There is a cycle here, and it will end in the destruction of self unless you learn that you are enough on your own. You do not have to prove your worth. You do not have to prove that you are hard at work. You do not have to prove yourself to anything or anyone, you just have to learn to trust your abilities and to trust yourself.

As long as you begin to appreciate yourself others will always see the strong work ethic that you possess, the only way to prove yourself to others is to prove yourself to yourself. Being rejected, being seen as the outcast, being ostracized, they are all fears that you harbor deep within your heart. Society has shut you out before so you become stagnant in loneliness, in isolation, in the fear of approaching others. Saturn has taken away the ability to know where you fit in and who you fit in with, and thus has created a painful and lonely road.

And through that you have to learn one thing. Society cannot exist without you. Society is everyone and if society is everyone then it is you too. There is a place in society for you because you help make up society, and no one, not even you, can change that. Do not fear being eternally alone, outcasted to the outskirts of social groups, someone that is ignored. How to help yourself grow : Attempt to befriend those that are truly kind, instead of people watching become the person that others are watching, engage in clubs and groups, smile back at people who smile at you, accept compliments or compliment yourself!

Saturn has taken away your ability to allow yourself to bloom, to clear murky waters, to finally accept struggles that are your own. Reality may seem as unattainable as world peace, and you may ask yourself what are the distinguishing traits of something real and of something imagined. To bloom you must understand what has hurt you, and to understand what has hurt you you must bloom. Having your hardships and your emotions out in the open is not a sure way to be harmed, reality may be reality but it is not always harsh.

Imagination may be imagination but it is not always kind. Everything buried deep in the ocean will rise to the surface in time, and it is better to be comfortable with your emotions being uncovered instead of being caught off guard. Create roots. Create growth. How to help yourself grow : Put your imagination in writing, try to stay engaged in reality, if you disassociate use your five senses if you are able to to ground yourself sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing , be near or live near the ocean.

Your personality is fearless, bold and can be intimidating to those that do not know you. Your temper is strong, appealing and demanding; never one to hide what they are feeling inside. This can either make or break you if you are in a leadership role. The Ascendant personifies what you will be able to achieve, and the world is a playground for you, because the Ram can easily make the impossible possible.

You dream big and your dreams will be achievable. You will be popular amongst friends and will charm those potential partners. Ruled by Venus, it is most likely that you will be gifted with beautiful features. Even if you do not feel that you are beautiful or attractive, others will see it. The Taurus Rising makes you the Hollywood Movie star that we all would like to be. You are the action star or the femme fatale.

Your presence is commanding, you will be graceful to others and your sense of style might be envious. Of course, we must analyze the entire chart of the native, but generally, this placement is packed with positives that will allow you to take on the world. This placement fuels the native with a drive to become recognized, even if they will change their mind the next second.

Deep down you are powerful and imaginative but will also seem shy and reserved. There is a dichotomy when it comes to this ascendant, because it is hard for them to remain focused on one thing at a time. However, once they have certified what they want in life, the sky is the limit. People will be comfortable around you, even if the Cancer Ascendant is introverted. The Cancer Ascendant is affectionate, confident and witty. In this position, you are generally adored and loved by everyone because you are genuine, and it is easy for people to trust you.

Being a Cardinal sign, you enjoy taking the lead in environments that you are already familiar with. Not one to be afraid to speak your mind or take a cause that you are passionate about. The Ascendant is an enigma because multiple emotions can run through them in an instant and we will never know what goes through their mind. What you see, is what you get, and you enjoy pushing yourself to the limit, as long as you have a close group of friends to cheer you on.

This is an ascendant that does not back away from leadership roles or being in the spotlight for too long. They thrive when they achieve public recognition because it allows them to exert their will and power.

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The native should focus on using their powers for good to make much needed changes and to keep that beautiful ego in check. Here we see a native that is focused on improving themselves and the world around them through their skills. They enjoy bringing the problem solvers and do not mind lending a helping hand to those that need it. It can be hard for them not to beat themselves emotionally, because they want to achieve the highest of standards for themselves. A first-class perfectionist but this is also someone that tends to doubt their capabilities.

Believe in yourself, because you are amazing, and the world appreciates your knowledge and good advice. The native has a refined taste for things in the world and they enjoy experiencing life in a way that is relaxing. This is the placement for someone who loves to set practical goals and their work ethic allows them to reach to the summit.

December 7 birthdays astrology

One of the most admirable things they possess, is a charismatic presence that makes them relatable to all. It is not surprising to see the Libra Rising with a powerful group of friends and usually they are popular. The native is confident and self-assured in their abilities. They know what they want and go for it without fear. Very much like Aries, the Scorpio likes the challenge but will never be vocal about it.

They do not like to be underestimated or viewed as weak. If people do see them in an unfavorable light, they will go out of their way to prove to their enemies that they are a force to be reckoned with. With time, they will shine proudly like the Leo and will be remembered for their achievements.

The Sagittarius rising is the life of the party but also a very serious scholar. They understand the workings of the world, since their heart is constantly traveling through the spiritual plane and occasionally they will literally be traveling all over the world.

Understanding Zodiac Signs and Zodiac Sign Dates

This is a native that fits seamlessly everywhere, because, like the Gemini Rising, they want to learn a lot about everything and everyone. Religious texts, philosophical theories and people all are of great interest to them. They try their best to abide to the rules and the law, they understand what it means to be responsible from early on and tend to apply it to major aspects for their lives as they get older. Here we have Saturn expressing itself in a way that will feel restrictive to the native.

With time, they will learn to loosen up and have fun because life is much more palatable when you take breaks and breathe every once in a while. Nothing deters the Aquarius ascendant because they have the ambitious drive of Saturn dominants with the visionary aspect of Uranus. They were created to alter, shift and help transform the collective. Aquarius is an individual, charming and resolute and will be remembered by everyone. You wear many masks as a form of protection or maybe you just enjoy the deception that goes along with it.

Many wonder who you are because there is an air of mystery that goes with you.

december 7 birthdays astrology

When people want someone to express the thoughts that they fear to disclose, you do not mind speaking out and sharing your true feelings. The weight might seem unbearable, but you always find a way to be optimistic even in the darkest times. The guilt and burden might come out of nowhere, so you have to learn to forgive yourself more since you can be your own worst enemy.

The world might see you as weak, but there is a resilience there that you need to tap on, because you are filled with exceptional abilities. Usually very motivated and energetic, they have a really strong aura around them. I admire them a lot, they seem like cool people and may seem intimidating but are super nice in person! Protective of their loved ones. Goals in terms of swag and athleticism they got. Teach me how to carry myself like you please. The cutest, most amazing even if a bit stubborn friends.

Best partners for getting food or watching a movie together. Taurus boys are my cryptonite, Taurus girls are the loves of my life. They are very much real in a sense of being human. Seriously I know quite a few Tauruses and I love them all to death. Only problem is when we disagree on something major, neither will back down from the argument. Good sense of humour. Being a Cancer myself I tend to be drawn to a specific type of Cancer females on social media.

Those are the The Moms, their entire vibe is really soft and warm and motherly but also protective and strong. We will cook you dinner because we love you. We are good cooks in general.

Zodiac Sign Dates and Meanings on Whats-Your-Sign

Foul mouths and will fight you any time. Crying over our partner or lack of all the damn time but usually in private. Leo females are okay but Leo males? Lowkey hate them and their inflated ego but they are good friends which I appreciate. Loud and sooo in your face but loyal and can take you to the most bizarre and amazing places. Okay, so I am biased, but Virgos are literally perfect human beings.

They are smart, logical, neat and polished and just ugh. Especially females are really classic beauties with killer fashion sense. Overall all genders seem to have a feminine vibe?

Mengenai Saya

Can push you to be the best version of yourself. They can literally step on me. Heart eyes motherfucker. Oookay, so. Libras are weird, man. Seems like usually fake tho. They are super gorgeous, in a very luxurious way and their lives are the true aesthetics. Damn I love Scorpios! Deep af, people I can talk to about my deepest thoughts, discussing occult stuff, cry on their shoulders or just hug it all out m8.

I feel super comfortable with them. Best partners for planning an assassination on your ex or Trump tbh. Aesthetics on point as well. I am living for that mysterious grunge shit vibe. You go my bros. They are amazing conversationalists with the sharpest minds out there and interesting points of view. Talking to them about basically any topic can take hours and not get boring, and you could take them for an adventure for a week and it would be the best choice. But longterm relationship or friendship? I do not trust. I have a lot of Capricorn women in my life and I admire them so much.

They are so hardworking, punctual and they sacrifice themselves for their loved ones everyday, in every way. Also their love is so good and true, damn. The Cap stereotype is that they are bad with feelings but I strongly disagree. One of the most amazing signs out there. Protect them and treasure them. Aw my favourite aliens. Just kidding. They are often misunderstood I think, but they are actually super cool. Also the best partners for sharing your conspiracy theories with. The most interesting people to keep around, if you can tolerate their cold exterior.

Damn you Pisces. Why you all gotta be so unpredictable.

I know a great deal of Pisces people and each of them is so different, it is simply impossible to categorize them in any way lol. My brother is a confident social butterfly. One of my friends is an aesthetics grunge queen with a lot of sadness inside. My other friend is pretty shy and introverted with a lot of super weird quirks probably the only one fitting the usual Pisces category. Another one is a typical nerd who is however pretty choleric and fake on the inside.

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