Sextile astrology january 18 2020

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Ascendant The degree of the zodiac which is rising over the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Each 4 minutes will add one degree. Aspect Major aspects are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition. Aspects create positive or negative energy affecting areas of our lives. Astrology The study of the influence that heavenly bodies have on life on earth. Astronomy The science of measuring the movement of planets and stars and researching their physical nature and makeu. Cancer rules the Moon and the 4th House.

The yearly cancer horoscope announces a good year for this sign. Capricorn Dec. Capricorn rules Saturn and the 10th House. These are the outgoing signs. Conjunction An aspect where two planets, natal or transiting are less than 10 degrees apart 12 degrees for the Sun.

Cusp The dividing line between one house and the next. Descendant Opposite from the ascendant, it begins the 7th house cusp ruling areas of marriage and partnership. Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These are the practical signs and deal with material affairs. Eighth House The eighth house represents natural changes in life, such as death for the clearing of the way for something better, inheritance, sex, and the resources of your partner. Elements Also called triplicities, they are the air signs, earth signs, fire signs and water signs.

Ephemeris A book containing the daily movements of the planets. A must have for any astrologer.

Will 12222 be the year of Saturn-Pluto conjunction?

Fire Signs Aries , Leo and Sagittarius. They are enthusiastic, impulsive and forceful. First House Represents the first impression you make on others, physical stature, and your personality. These are the signs that are rigid in opinions. Forecast By analyzing planetary movements, one can make predictions about opportune times which to make decisions and times to avoid bad decisions based on the positions of the transiting planets in aspect to your natal chart.

You can also read the horoscope for gemini. Saturn is direct in Capricorn. The energy of Saturn in this sign is dense, practical, realistic, industrious on a huge scale, formative, establishing and sustaining. Saturn was last in Capricorn between and All world religions face serious issues of faith, science and political change during these times.


The most important aspect is Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan 12th The are warlike connotations with this symbolism, this is a danger zone. The last time these two astrological heavy weights meet in Capricorn was in , and before that in We are dealing here with 'forces majeure'. Saturn remains in Capricorn till Feb 17th Uranus the planet of inspiration and revolution is now retrograde till Jan 11th in Taurus the sign of enduring institution and banking. Uranus remains in Taurus for 7 years.

Massive changes in the world of finance and ownership are about to take place. The last time Uranus resided in Taurus was between and and before that to the time of the Industrial Revolution. Neptune is now retrograde in Pisces he has been in this sign since Neptune turned retrograde at 19 degrees Pisces on June 21 Neptune in Pisces is symbolic of the greatest watery immersion in the deepest subliminal and spiritual ocean. Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, a transit that only occurs every years.

Neptune rules Pisces and also rules the deepest realms of the subconscious mind. The oceanic vibration of love is flowing with a deeper and higher frequency. Our human mission is to flow with it. Art, music and science are enhanced with the progress of this residence.

Venus enters Sagittarius

The blue hair we see these days is very Neptune in Pisces. Neptune enters Aries on March 30th Pluto is now direct in Capricorn. Saturn is conjunct Pluto on Jan 12th This is the 'serious zone'. The following astrological heavyweight event, later on in , is the 'Grand Conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn at the start of Aquarius occurring on the Winter Solstice of that year, beckoning to a healthier 'New Age Feeling' just a little way beyond.

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd The next lunar eclipse in a penumbral lunar eclipse at 20 Cancer opposite Mercury on Jan 10th We enter the 'darkened way' which inevitably leads to the month of Scorpio in 15 days time. This looks to be a short and mainly favourable residence of only 23 days.

Venus opposes Uranus on October 12th, which is the only unsettling phase. She sextiles Saturn on Oct 20th, offering commitment, and trines Neptune on Oct 21st, enhancing and entrancing, Venus sextiles Pluto on Oct 25th, the power of love and will, and is conjuncts an almost stationary Mercury on Oct 31st, a red letter day, at 28 degrees Scorpio.

Venus enters Sagittarius on Nov 1st. Venus is an evening star for the remainder of and is retrograde from May 13th at 22 Gemini to June 25th 5 Gemini. The Moon is then 'void of course' for nearly 22 hours. Venus in Scorpio, seething sexuality. The very slowly waxing Moon starts the day void of course in Aquarius. We are in 'inter eclipse season weeks'. The square apsect which today's Full Moon makes to Pluto may well induce rash, hostile, and over-heated emotion.

The Moon is then void of course. Monday 14th October Sun square Pluto. Minor lunar occultation of star Zeta Taurus observable from UK around to The procession to the New Moon now begins in earnest. A triple conjunction is manifest in Scorpio involving the Moon, Mercury and Venus degrees Scorpio. November seems astrologically quiet. November 11th Transit of Mercury over the disc of the Sun.


A planetary trapezium is manifest at this time, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. This is a powerful Full Moon. Minor lunar occultation of star Mu Gemini observable from UK around to A finger of fate is manifest involving the Moon, Saturn and Neptune to The Moon conjuncts Mars and opposes Uranus today.

The New Moon makes no aspects. Venus and Juoiter are conjunct and Mars opposes Uranus. November 28th Daylight lunar occultation of Jupiter visible telescopically from the UK. Michael Harwood Astrology Wednesday 2nd October An activist involved in anti-government protests in Hong Kong has been shot in the chest by police during a clash.

Friday 4th October Mars enters Libra. Pluto being activated by the Sun is our conscious mind going over the depths of our subconscious. Illuminating the darkness, hidden, shadow side of life.

Pisces Horoscope Predictions – Astrology King

What is buried and hidden in relation to this system and the structures of our lives is apparent and we feel a deep, intense drive and desire for a brand new beginning. Capricorns will feel this personally as Pluto is in their sign shifting them in major ways in their ego and shadow. Saturn is asking that we take discipline in relation to moving forward but we know that a new system needs to be created maturely, with wisdom, focus, new definitions of success, new methods of achieving success,. Jupiter in Sagittarius is like lets have a fuckin good time doing it, lets explore, expand our horizons, adventure, pioneer, imagine, shoot our arrows towards a goal and march forward with a love for freedom, truth and knowledge, REWILDING!

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We are all infinite energy living forever, expressing forever. This is as prophesied for millennia by various cultures! Humanity begins to take a serious look at, heal and rewrite their identity, reevaluate who they believe themselves to be, what they believe themselves to be capable of, experience ego death and rebirth.

The warrior we are revolutionizing ourselves as for the shift manifesting through the shadow work and healing, ego death, rebirth square Pluto , who are we really, what is it to be human, transmutation, alchemy, new sense of self, initiating impassioned momentum, reality checks. Humanity is truly at a time of redefinition and monumental shifts. Together, we cut all the cords that keep us tied to illusion, and step fully into our true potential!

What you are feeling is very natural, especially with the energy at play. What gives you joy? What gives you passion? While initiating my ascension to a New Paradigm Perspective , I have found authentic Artistic Expression most helpful and cathartic.