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October 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Cancer
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You may find yourself in a bit of a spiral in terms of your self-reflection and it will be important to voice some of these thoughts in order to realign yourself with reality. Your inner self will be feeling quite pleasant at the beginning of the month. This is why you'll be able to look outside of yourself to your friends and colleagues, as you will be feeling quite pleasant otherwise and won't need to spend too much time hibernating away with your thoughts.

Some social recovery is always needed, but it will be a nice sort of recovery that you take pleasure in, with hobbies and TV show binging.

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As the month progresses, you will find your inner thoughts taking a lot of energy and space that they didn't are up before. Scorpio season will really bring out your darker thoughts, of which you have plenty. A lot of them may revolve around self-doubt and worry. It's important to recognize what is legitimately things you need to work on and what is just things you've blown out of proportion in your ultra focus on your inner thoughts. Altogether, it will be a very interesting month for you.

October should be a fruitful month in terms of creativity and work, and you will see the results from things you do this month later on. It will be important to stay aware of the big picture and to not get too lost in your own narrative. Monthly October Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer. October Horoscope October monthly Horoscope for 12 Zodiac signs. Comments: October Horoscope Cancer. Your name:.

What October's Cancer Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

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Fortune and Prophecies. Name meaning. Communication planet Mercury enters fellow water sign Scorpio on Thursday, October 3. You get a reputation of a homebody, but you also have a dark side — and I mean that in the most badass sense of the term. Go ahead and say what's on your mind even if it freaks others out. You deserve an inner circle who appreciates all parts of you. Also on Thursday, October 3 , warrior planet Mars enters Libra, the sign of balance. We often talk about Cancers being moody, but we don't talk about what strong fighters you crabs can be on the metaphorical battlefield.

When you want something, you find a way to get it.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

However, since Libra is all about partnerships, this may not be the best time to get pushy. Express your desires, and if your love interest or partners reciprocate, go for a roll in the hay. If the energy feels low, know that you can always revisit your urges at a time when the stars align in your favor. That date for dark and raunchy sex may be on Tuesday, October 8 , when lover planet Venus enters sexy Scorpio. However, the scorpion can also bring out your moody and jealous side, so work on processing your emotions in a healthy manner, like by journaling or checking in with your therapist.

There's a full moon in fire sign Aries on Sunday, October You're ruled by the moon, so while full moons bring out everyone's animal side, you may feel ultra-intense. Spend the night making love or creating art to channel all of your feelings.